We’re getting married!


LEFT: Samir Sinha, age 8 months (approximately), pictured here crawling around under table. In the top right you can see a white lace tablecloth which he is alleged to have ruined before the age of one year. RIGHT: Alicia Bleuer, age 8 months, pictured here with as much hair as she would have on her head until she was almost two years old and wearing pink, as she often was, so that her parents would not have to always tell people that their nearly bald baby was in fact a little girl.

Samir and Alicia met through mutual friends on July 26, 2011.  A few Facebook messages later, they made plans and enjoyed several hours of conversation that ranged in topics from film to video games and from Faulkner to evolution.  The conversation wound its way around to plans for a second date.  The second led to the third, and so on, and so on, which led to an engagement, which leads to happily ever after, beginning officially on May 4.


4-year-old Samir and Alicia deny all accusations as to ‘fake smiling’.